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Monthly Archives: January, 2016

The Darkside: Is Small Business Welcome Here?

By Kate Watson Seriously? Seriously? The same city that talks about attracting newcomers and welcoming new businesses is telling this lovely, locally-run gallery/cafe that it...

Sharing the Arkells-love at Alderney Gate Library

Mary Wilton  loves working at the Alderney Gate Library. Mary Wilton is a big Arkells fan. After winning a cool contest on Twitter, she's taking...

New Memorial to David Bowie in Dartmouth

Following David Bowie’s surprise death on January 10th at the age of 69, two members of Dartmouth’s arts community Violet Rosengarten (visual artist)and Alan...

Fare-well Our Thyme

The Our Thyme is where I first saw my husband in passing, getting his breakfast sandwich, they were the first people we told that we were dating, they made our wedding cake and were guests at our wedding, I am really going to miss them. I think Dartmouth is really going to miss them too.

Nine Questions for the Candidates in the District 6 By-election

Election day is January 23rd for the citizens of District 6 (Harbourview-Burnside-Dartmouth East) when they'll vote to fill the council seat vacated by Darren...

Meet Tringa Rexhepi

  Making a living as a performing artist in Canada can be an uphill battle, but Tringa Rexhepi is well on her way to reaching...

New you for the New Year? NO Thanks

I vote for less New Year Resolutions and more ongoing, purposeful pursuits of happiness.

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