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Monthly Archives: May, 2019

Dartmouth Photographer and Filmmaker Highlights the Community

Hannah Minzloff is a Dartmouth-based photographer and filmmaker who is using art to highlight positive aspects of the community.

Staggers’ and staff turn tragedy into community support

While the staff is waiting until Staggers re-opens, they decided as a group to volunteer and help out other businesses nearby by donating their time and offering free labour.

A Student’s perspective on Dartmouth traffic woes

Student Mary Metz has come up with a map to showcase the areas in Downtown Dartmouth where drivers and pedestrians face more challenges.

A look at the Sonlife Dartmouth Shelter

The Dartmouth Shelter is the first emergency overnight shelter in our City of Lakes history. The pop-up overnight facility offers a free, safe place to spend the night for those in need within the SonLife Community Church on Windmill Rd.

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