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Ahoy! Our new website is officially launched!


We are very proud to announce the launch of our new vessel in our beloved City of Lakes. has come out of dry-dock and has set sail. (Too many nautical jokes?)

HD has a clean new look, and some cool new features. Heck, we’ve even added a few more cup holders. (Clearly marked above)

Along with an improved mobile site, we’ve added a community event calendar where you can post your ‘up and coming shin-dig’ for all DSiders to see. Just click on ‘Share your event‘ and tell us all about it.

Now where is that champagne? Let’s christen her.

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Frank Orlando
Frank Orlando
Frank Orlando, co founder, contributor of Hello Dartmouth and owner of Orlando Media Company. This adopted son of the DSide started Hello Dartmouth to speak up for this amazing, creative and ever evolving community. You can follow him at @orlandomediaco


  1. If you post this link on Facebook for the general public, you really need to make it clear on the linked page what you’re about. Is this a vessel that provides tours of the harbour? That’s what I’m guessing – but it’s only a guess. Maybe it’s more of a Dartmouth community site – this idea after clicking on some of the headings. Whatever, it’s not clear up front and for good advertising it should be.
    Just a suggestion.

  2. Congratulations on your new website. I’m liking a Dartmouth centered page like this!

    Just a note about the front page – is it me or does it seem a bit cluttered? I know I tend to fall on the minimalist side of things, but there’s couple of things that I feel are redundant on that page. Eg. a bar across the top, plus images with links of the same things below it, and then another blocked section for each category below that.

    Anyway, just a suggestion! Congrats again 🙂

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