Crispy Duck Breast and Stout (Photo credit: Jody Euloth)

Crispy Duck Breast and Stout (Photo credit: Jody Euloth)


Fresh Twenty One may be Dartmouth’s best kept secret. However, this fine-dining teaching and learning restaurant run by the NSCC Akerley Campus Culinary Program deserves to be known far and wide.

I just enjoyed a five-course meal there that paired gourmet food with a variety of beers. (Yes! That’s right. Beer, not wine.) It was a truly memorable feast.

Thanks to cicerone Angeline MacLennan, I learned that beer can be a heart-healthy beverage packed with beneficial vitamins. And beer can also be a terrific complement to food.

Check out the amazing menu, and be sure to check out Fresh Twenty One.




Lunch and dinner service is offered during the fall and winter school terms.

Reservations: 902-491-4961 | NSCC Akerley Campus, Dartmouth, NS

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11:30 AM – 1 PM (Lunch) & 6-8 PM (Dinner)