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Meet Tringa Rexhepi



Making a living as a performing artist in Canada can be an uphill battle, but Tringa Rexhepi is well on her way to reaching the peak.

The Albanian-born, Dartmouth-raised Rexhepi is a talented actor/singer/song-writer who studied musical theatre at Sheridan College in Ontario as well as at CAP21 in New York City. She has performed in Canada, the United States and in Europe, and her “early-Destiny’s-Child-meets-Adele” style has earned her a lot of fans.

Recently, Rexhepi received a grant from FACTOR—The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings—to make a 4-track EP that will be released this February. Two singles are available on iTunes in advance of the EP: “Go” (which Rexhepi performed at Miss Globe 2015) and “Full Time”.

“I’ve spent a lot of time singing covers, so it’s kind of liberating to be singing songs that I’ve written,” she says with a wide smile. “It’s just an amazing feeling to put something out in the world that you feel proud of.”

Now based in Toronto, Rexhepi says she does much of her writing on the streetcar or subway. “I’m really interested in other people’s stories, and I often get inspired just by watching the people around me. There’s so much energy and diversity that I can pull ideas from.”

For most artists, success requires equal parts talent and drive. Rexhepi is clearly in possession of both. “This isn’t an easy business to make a living in,” she admits. “I work hard to be goal-oriented but still open to new possibilities.

“But fortunately, I love challenges.”


Instagram: @tringarexhepi

Twitter: @tringare


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Kate Watson
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