Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Summer Relaxation


Never have I seen a more colorful and inviting front yard in Dartmouth. On my weekday commute home from a tiring day, I feel a pull towards the way the sheer site of one of these objects as it invites me to sit against its high back bolster with my arms atop the rests and my legs lifted off the ground to enjoy the relaxing embrace of its shape. I often wonder about what handmade item I will soon purchase for my summer reading leisure … will it be a two seater with built in table, one with a leg rest, vibrant red or bright cheery yellow … maybe I will paint it myself. Then on my recent travel I see it, the woodworker has created a chair with a wide girth. I am in wooden Adirondack chair heaven and it shall be mine!

Besides the color and made locally appeal to the cheery look that invites one to unwind, the chairs are sturdy and durable.

To purchase your own, you can find the woodworker and his treasures the corner of Main Street and Brigadoon Avenue in Dartmouth.

After we visit the handcrafter this weekend, I sense that my daughter is going to be requesting to place an order for matching chairs for her and her 18inch doll.

Sonya Vaschel
Sonya Vaschel
When she is not spending her time helping others see opportunities as a Career Development Practitioner, Sonya Vaschel sets her sights on authoring children's books. She is pleased to share her love of Dartmouth and specifically her home of Eastern Passage and neighboring Cole Harbour with the readers of Hello Dartmouth.

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