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The Maritime at Bel Ayr Elementary School


















This is a large playground with an assortment of interesting features. The flooring is wood chips and the boarder is also made of wood. Amenities include a soccer field, large open spaces for activities or picnics, three person basketball as well as a normal basketball court. There are also benches and garbage cans.


The main playground is of hexagonal shape with slides, monkey bars and climbing walls all branching off of it. There are stepping pods that lead to a climbing orb that challenges balance and agility.


Close by is a reflex balance wave.


There is a smaller more challenging play set on the other side of the school featuring a rock wall, a rope wall, and a Möbius strip. Again, this one has wood chips and border.

The Playgrounders
The Playgrounders
Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Playgrounders! A duo of highly trained professional with over 40 combined years learning and perfecting the art of recreational play. Gerald, the Monkey bar Master and Akira, the Sultan of the Slides are here to relieve the hassle for you to find those hidden gems tucked away in your local community. We have compiled a list of playgrounds in your neighbourhood for you to look through and find what best suits your needs. Alright let's get hunting!

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